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We have completed our latest maintenance release for the MyPhotoBooks and MyPhoto Calendars & Cards applications.

Meanwhile we are working on the next major release, but more on that in a different post.

This release includes the following enhancements:

The applications now support multiple installations of the software on the same machine.One can install unlimited different private label versions on the same machine at the same time. It is also possible to set the application name per version if so desired. Please contact us  if you wish to do so.

Grid settings – The “danger zone” box (the red square that displays on the page when dragging an object) was confusing users who interpreted it as the “bleed area”. This warning was toned down. We hope it will cause less confusion in the future.

Improved handling of OutOfMemorye errors when creating the PDF.  This issue occurred mainly on Macs using large image files with image enhancement turned on.

Fixed a local printing issue involving cards that use incorrectly cropped frames.

The “Fill to Page” feature in MyPhoto Calendars no longer spills the image onto the opposite page of a center-bound calendar PDF.

Applying or changing a book theme will now also modify the book’s cover instead of just the pages.

Users with special characters (such as &) in their operating system user name will now be able to open the software.

Localization fixes and changes.

Performance problem in Photobooks on pages using large amounts of text captions.

Fixed an Opening/Saving issue involving the removal of line breaks in copied text.