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Flowing is an email I have revived form Laura Hughes of Freeze Frame Publishing. I made no editing, just added a few links at the bottom. If you were looking for a Christmas story to make your day, this is it.

I wanted to send you a note today thanking you for your wonderful software… and its new improvements. We used the template for the 8×8 photobook in making a man’s dream become “touchable.”

Anthony Torrone is a 56-year-old, developmentally disabled man who has been keeping a journal of his prayers for years. His dream was to have it published. You and I know that no publisher would touch this project. Ken and I knew we could make it happen because we had good software to use. So the short version is a bunch of retirees helped a man realize his dream… but it gets even better.

His story ran on the front page of The Grand Rapids Press yesterday. He has had two book signings and has sold out of 340 books in two weeks!

This link is the blog site set up by “Team Anthony” to help him share this chapter of his story.

This link is the post of the video of Anthony watching his book covers come off the iGen4 at Color House Graphics.
This has certainly become bigger than Ken or I could have anticipated… and what a nice “opportunity” that is! We are set to print his second run of books today: 400 softcover copies and 60 hardcover copies. He has sold out of his first run of 300 softcovers and 40 hardcovers.

What has been so incredible is the outpouring of support and love to this man. His neighbors and friends collected monies to pay for the first printing (which was for ink and paper only). Schuler Books and Music donated their space for his book signing which was held on Saturday, Dec. 3. They are also selling his books, collecting taxes, doing all kinds of paperwork… and not taking a share of proceeds. Anthony’s neighborhood businesses are all selling copies of his book… again, for no cut in proceeds. Two retired Press reporters and a photographer donated their time and skills to create the beautiful book that Ken and I have the privilege to print. Even the attorney for his trust has donated his time and expertise to make sure Anthony benefits from all sales of his book.

This is a wonderful Christmas story.

Who knows how far this will go. It has already gone much farther than any of us working on this thought it would. A press release will go out today. It will go far and wide. Anthony had big dreams all along… and they are coming true for him.

We’ll keep you posted on what happens next!

Happy Holidays,

If you want to order the book online, click here. If you just want to take a look, click this link.  (if you decide to buy it, just remember to put in the coupon code Anthonybook)

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