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Posted on: February 23, 2011

Dear DigiLabs Technologies Customers,

I wanted to take this time to share with you some of the latest developments of our platform as well as those that have been available but remained mysterious for a while. I am sure you will find all the new features as exciting as I do.

Our team works hard to continuously update our offering in order to serve the needs of our wide international customer base. In the last couple of years, we have been focusing on cloud based offerings, so you can customize your application using web based tools at anytime from anywhere. Our web platform enables the simple release and immediate access to new features.  The cloud solution further ensures an integrated update system for the software. Once an update is released, you can easily and immediately customize, build, and test your application. Once you are ready to release the application, it becomes automatically live and accessible to all your customers worldwide.  This turns updates and upgrades into a breeze. Our upgraded download delivery network provides the most efficient download speed for your customers using multiple global end-points with no hassle and no extra costs.

Enough with old news and on to the most up-to-date material. We have recently completed a new version of the My Photo Creations product. This is a major update with more than a 100 additions based on your feedback and requests. Below is a summary of some of the main features in this release:

Place images and text over the spread
You ask, we answer.  The software now enables the placement and movement of images across the gutter of two the pages. This means that your client can place an image in the middle of the page! This was always available in a full bleed double page spread, but now not only is it much more flexible and customizable but it can also apply to text and other graphical elements.
Take a look at a sample:

Where did my images go? My book is empty!
Does this sound familiar:  “Where did my images go? My book is empty!”
Just so that you never have to answer this question again, we have added the ability for users to locate their images from their software. As before, the software will use all of its intelligence to locate the images by itself, but if it is unable to, it will ask for them. This means that if the user imports images into the software from a specific location to create a product and later moves or renames the images outside the application, the software will prompt the user to point out those images. This will make reordering of products simpler.

Albums that open with a full spread
For all those serving the professional photographers, we have a treat for you. Albums can now start on the left so that all pages in the book are full spreads. Wave goodbye to the two extra sides. This feature is also great as it enables users to edit the inside of covers for soft cover books. Need a visual? Here you go:

Brag Books
All those users who just want to throw one full bleed image per page and be done, we are with you. A click of a button and your book is automatically created in a matter of seconds and you are on your way. This makes a great brag book.

Those of you that haven’t been to Japan might be confused about this one, but we thought we would share. The trendiest thing in Japan is those little photo books with one image per page that get strapped to cell phones. This gives a neat touch of personalized decorations to the smart phones.

And much more…
Consistency is a key and albums are joining in for similar visual design to Photo Books. In the new version of the software not only are JPEG’s full bleed for photographic output but the software displays bleed view for the user to consider while designing.

For all those holiday time busy bees, we have added the Chinese Lunar Calendar in addition to the previously existing Jewish Lunar Calendar.

Gallery wraps are a hot commodity and therefore we have now added Mirror Wrap options. Gallery Wraps also use an adaptive resolution warning system. Low resolution warnings are based on the assumed viewing distance of the gallery wrap. Larger gallery wraps can have slightly lower acceptable resolution as they will be viewed from a distance and thus the perceived quality is the same as smaller wraps from a closer distance.

Those were only the highlights. Overall, this release has more than a 100 changes and improvements that I hope you will find useful. Read below for instructions on how to get going with the new version.

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