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Drop us a note. Please

Posted on: June 11, 2009

Juts got an email from a customer. It went something like that: ” …., I walked a 70+ year old woman successfully through building her first photo book (over the phone!)… this software is the absolute greatest. And she thinks I’m wonderful, when in fact, it is your software. Thanks, for making me look like a hero!”.

Getting this type of feedback is definitely nice and makes me feel good, okay, really good!. Second to getting this type of feedback, is getting a not-so-pleasant feedback. It might not be pleasant, but it is feedback. At least someone cares enough to tell you what he feels. Not getting any feedback is the worst. That shows no one cares anymore. That hurts.

So, a word about feedback, responses, actions, and timetables.

Lets make one thing clear. We would like to get your feedback!!! We value it and it helps us tremendously. What you like or dislike. Changes and suggestions you would like to see in the software. Suggestions on the process. Anything you feel you want us to know. It can be an email, on the phone, or just stepping into our booth in a trade show. Whatever and whenever you feel like.

We might not always agree with everything (although even boneheaded programmers get the message when they hear it again and again). In fact, we might get conflicting opinions from different people. After all, if we all liked the same things the world would be a really boring place. But I can promise this. We are going to listen. We will digest it and try to fully understand the underlining issue. Sometimes you will suggest a solution, so we will try to understand the problem and see, maybe, just maybe, we can come up with a better (or simpler or faster) solution to the problem. We will balance it all together, add what we have on the table, and see how and when to act.

Its a balancing act of requirements, priorities, resources, risk, and schedules. Doing good work takes time, so results might not show up as fast as you think they should. That does not mean we ignore what you had to say!!! It just that reaching to the peek of the mountain is build out of many small steps, one step at a time, so we keep walking, and walking, one step at a time.

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